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    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

    When done professionally, a successful Merger and Acquisition process helps companies to increase market share, expand products and services portfolio, gain new capabilities and technologies, establish new revenue channels and eventually generate growth. However, M&A is a complex process, which requires professional management skills, knowledge, and experience.


    Over the years, Head-On developed a unique method that enables leading a structured and effective process to complete a transaction, while maximizing the value for the company for its stakeholders.

    About mergers and acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions deals are one of the most common and important ways in Israel and the world to accelerate business growth. Nonetheless, for those who are not experienced, M&A might be a complex process, paved with obstacles – which ultimately can turn a promising deal into an unsuccessful one.

    In the past 2 decades, Head-On accompanied local and global organizations from all industries through Mergers and Acquisitions processes – both from the buy-side as well as the sell-side. Alongside Head-On operates a sister company BCMS Israel, (part of BCMS global – a world leader in sell-side deals), our clients benefit from peace of mind throughout an efficient and focused M&A process, managed end-to-end by an experienced team of experts qualified to deal with every aspect of the M&A process.

    Our methodology

    Our unique work method enables business owners to keep their attention in the company and its ongoing activity, while our team is focused on locating the potential acquirers or the relevant target companies and formulating the right deal to produce the maximal value for our clients.

    This process includes some important steps:

    Step A – forming the acquisition/selling strategy

    • An in-depth study of the company and its activity
    • Forming mergers and acquisitions strategy
    • Forming criteria for acquisition/selling/strategic partnership
    • Defining the goals and forming the action plan

    Step B – mapping the market and locating the relevant companies

    • Mapping target markets
    • Analyze strategic, operational and other synergies
    • Preparing marketing materials and a business plan
    • Forming the potential prospects list

    Step C – contact and identify relevant companies

    • Prioritizing potential prospects list
    • Initiate contact with relevant companies to present the opportunity
    • NDA signing and initial explanatory meeting
    • Analyzing profitability for the M&A transaction
    • Presenting the conclusions and recommendations

    Step D – transactions’ advisory

    • Advising through the process from formulating the deal to signing
    • Creating valuation and outline the deal’s terms
    • Advising and assisting in leading the negotiation
    • Accompanying the due diligence
    • Provide assistance to the lawyers and accountants

    If you wish to learn more, please contact us to schedule a confidential meeting with one of our experienced business managers

    Quick read

    Mergers and acquisitions – what are they?

    What are mergers and acquisitions? These processes, also known as M&A, refer to negotiations and transactions in relation to the ownership of a company. Are you interested in selling a business? In negotiations to transfer an operating unit in your company? Contact Head On today for strategy, business and marketing consulting. The experts of this company work with various customers from different industries – from commerce, hi tech to public services and so on.

    More About mergers and acquisitions

    These days, the Israeli business world is complex and presents many difficulties. As a part of this ongoing reality, many companies wish to take action; steps that will eventually, lead to growth. What options lie ahead? What executives and shareholders can do in order to save their organization? When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, you should seek the professional guidance of Head On.

    Mergers and acquisitions, or M&A for short, is a term that describes the consolidation of two companies, assets or entities – throughout several sorts of transactions. These transactions include, among others, mergers, acquisitions, as well as purchase of the assets and resources.

    How do we know if the offer of the potential buyer equals the value of the company – or exceeds it? How long does M&A take? In addition, is the significant due diligence mandatory? To answer all of these questions and more, contacting a company that specializes in these aspects is significant.

    Asking the professional guidance of Head On

    Actions such as the merging companies or acquiring them demands a professional consultation; a professional guidance that will successfully lead you to the finish line. For more information, you are more than welcome to contact Head On.

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