Mergers and acquisitions

Many company owners deal with the question of what is the proper way to develop the organization? The right solution is forming an adjusted growth strategy. This strategy will look closely into changes throughout the market, characterize the company’s value proposition and accurately define the future growth engines. The growth alternatives can be obtained by organic growth, namely growth based on existing means and resources as well as inorganic growth, which is based mainly on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of various types.

About mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions deals are the most common and important ways in the world to accelerate business growth. Nonetheless, for those who are not experienced, M&A might be a complex process, paved with obstacles which ultimately can turn a promising deal into an unsuccessful one.

In the past two decades, Head-On advised local and global organizations from all industries through Mergers and Acquisitions processes – both from buy-side as well as sell-side. Alongside, Head-On is a sister company of BCMS Israel, (part of BCMS International – a world leader in sell-side deals), so our clients benefit from peace of mind throughout an efficient and focused M&A process, managed end-to-end by an experienced team of experts, qualified to deal with every aspect of the M&A process.

Our methodology

Our unique process methods enables business owners to keep their attention in managing their company and its ongoing activity, while our team is focused on locating potential acquirers or the relevant target companies and formulating the right deal to produce the maximal value for our clients.

This process includes few important phases:

Phase A – forming the acquisition/selling strategy

  • An in-depth study of the company and its activity
  • Forming criteria for acquisition/selling/strategic partnership
  • Forming the mergers and acquisitions strategy
  • Defining goals and forming an action plan

Phase B – mapping the market and locating relevant companies

  • Mapping the target markets
  • Analyze strategic, operational and other synergies
  • Preparing marketing presentation and a business plan
  • Research to identify potential prospects

Phase C – contact and identify relevant companies

  • Prioritizing potential prospects from the prospects list
  • Initiate contact with relevant companies to present the opportunity
  • Signing NDAs and conducting initial explanatory meetings
  • Presenting the conclusions and recommendations to our client

Phase D – transaction advisory

  • Advising our client throughout the process, from formulating the deal structure to signing a Term sheet
  • Preparing financial valuation and outline the deal’s terms
  • Advising and assisting in leading the negotiation
  • Accompanying the due diligence process

If you wish to learn more, please contact us to schedule a confidential meeting with one of our experienced business managers

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