Mergers and acquisitions are one of the most common and important disciplines businesses around the world are performing to achieve growth and/or realize shareholder’s holdings. Nonetheless, the M&A process can be complex and therefore requires skill, knowledge, and experience to ensure professional and successful execution.

In the past two decades, Head-On led over 60 successful M&A transactions for companies in various industries. Under this framework, we are representing the acquiring party (acquisitions of companies in Israel and abroad), the selling party (selling of Israeli companies to acquirers in Israel or abroad), setting up strategic partnerships between companies and mergers between companies.

Head-On exclusively represents Translink Corporate Finance in Israel.  Translink is one of the world’s leading Mergers and Acquisitions consulting firms with offices in 36 countries around the world. The cooperation with  Translink offices around the world enables us to locate suitable target companies for our clients in sale, acquisition, merger or strategic partnership establishment processes. In addition, we help foreign companies that are interested in entering the Israeli market to locate suitable local target companies.

Work process

Selling a company

  1. Formulating a sell-side strategy
  2. Research for synergetic potential buyers
  3. Contacting the potential buyers
  4. Leading, consulting and accompanying transactions

 Partnering with a strategic partner

  1. Formulating a strategic partnership strategy
  2. Research for relevant strategic partners
  3. Contacting the potential strategic partners
  4. Leading, consulting and accompanying transactions

Acquiring a company

  1. Formulating an acquisition strategy
  2. Research for suitable target companies
  3. Contacting the potential target companies
  4. Leading, consulting and accompanying transactions


  1. Formulating a merger strategy
  2. Designing the merger model
  3. Preparing the action plans for executing the merger
  4. Accompanying the implementation until completion

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