Business development and strategic partnerships

In order to maintain constant growth as well as a strong ability to cope with unforeseen emerging challenges, every company must invest the sufficient resources in initiating and realizing opportunities that will generate growth and will increase the company’s value over time. Stagnation, narrow product portfolio, difficulty to establish new growth engines and low awareness to market trends are some of the common challenges’ companies are facing, while the common denominator of these challenges is an ineffective business development approach.

Business development and strategic partnerships in practice

Although the way in which business development is implemented vary between different companies, the principles are the same. Traditionally, business development initiatives are aimed at creating new revenue channels, usually through penetration to new markets, developing new products and services and adopting new business models. The business development drives the organization to expand its operations into actual or complementary areas of activity, independently or by cooperating with other local or international companies, through strategic alliance or partnership.

Successful business development activities are strongly relied on the right professionals to execute it. Their skills should include deep strategic understanding, sales and marketing orientation, high interpersonal communication capabilities, strong networking and the ability to lead multidisciplinary process. These capabilities, combined with a deep business understanding, will provide the organization with opportunities for organic and inorganic growth, using appropriate business models to better reflect the organization’s strengths.

At Head-On we specialize in leading end-to-end business development processes, emphasizing in-depth analysis of strategic synergies and forecasting the expected value for the parties involved.

In order to achieve the right results, we perform the following activities:

  • Identifying potential growth opportunities
  • Assessing viability and feasibility of the opportunities
  • Creating a business plan and a business model for the selected initiatives
  • Characterizing, identifying and collaborating with the potential local or international strategic partners
  • Measure the success of the implementation, and making the right changes, if needed

Developing operations in international markets constitutes significant growth leverage for many organizations. Advanced strategic perceptions support the creation of advanced collaborative relations between organizations, which replace traditional import and export activities.

Head-On has developed widespread relations in North America, Europe and the Far East that enables Head-On’s consultants to assist clients in leading and executing:

  • Mapping target markets and territories for strategic co-operations
  • Identifying and locating strategic partners in target markets and countries
  • Formalizing perception of desired collaboration: overseas production, factories establishment, technological collaboration, marketing collaboration, establishment of a joint venture with a strategic partner and other possible formats
  • Leading and supporting negotiations with potential partners overseas
  • Supporting the implementation of collaborations, while assisting in dealing with gaps that result from cultural differences

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