Head-On is a strategy consulting firm, specializing in business growth and corporate value enhancement. Since the early 2000’s, Head-On is assisting business owners and decision makers from all industries to address their most complex challenges in managing a company and leading it towards business growth. Our expertise in formulating and executing growth strategies, managing business development processes, creating strategic partnerships, and leading Mergers and Acquisitions processes, has helped hundreds of companies grow and leverage their business potential in the local and international markets.

Our Vision

To create and lead together with our clients growth processes that will effectively increase sales, profits and company’s value, over time.

Our Values

Head-On exclusively represents  Translink Corporate Finance in Israel.  Translink is one of the world’s leading Mergers and Acquisitions consulting firms with offices in 36 countries around the world. The cooperation with Translink offices around the world enables us to locate suitable target companies for our clients in sale, acquisition, merger or strategic partnership establishment processes. In addition, we help foreign companies that are interested in entering the Israeli market to locate suitable local target companies.

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Global Reach

Leadership team

Our team brings to the table extensive knowledge and experience in various core business disciplines, including business management, economics, marketing, sales, finance, law and human resources.

Doron Ephrati

Co-CEO and Co-founder.
Doron has over 30 years of experience in consulting to companies from all sectors, in the fields of strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions and management. Doron has extensive expertise in leading Mergers and Acquisitions, strategic partnerships and business development processes in Israel and abroad. In addition, Doron serves as a member of the board in several private companies.

Hilit Ben-Zvi Koren

Co-CEO and Co-founder.
Hilit has over 20 years of experience in consulting to companies from all sectors, in the fields of strategy, business growth, , Mergers and Acquisitions, management, marketing and sales. Hilit has gained expertise in leading, managing and implementing strategic change processes in organizations.