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    BCMS is one of the world’s leading Mergers and Acquisitions companies, specializing in advising deal leading and closely accompanying company owners who want to sell their company or to partner with a strategic partner. Founded in 1989, BCMS has completed over 1,300 transactions worldwide, while developing knowledge, experience and tools to achieve the right deal for company owners from any sector and in any geographical region in the world. Since 2015 BCMS Israel is operating alongside Head-On, thus being a natural and complementary partner for our customers through the journey of business growth to corporate value enhancement and to its sale.

    Our Specialties related

    Growth strategies

    Leading a company towards growth is one of the key challenges that business leaders and their management team are facing. Questions such as what the...

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

    When done professionally, a successful Merger and Acquisition process helps companies to increase market share, expand products and services portfolio, gain new capabilities and technologies,...

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