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    Strategy consulting

    Strategy consulting is a practice that typically serves senior management in organizations, helping them to take objectively high-level decisions that are based on in-depth professional knowledge and analysis. Strategy consulting firms serve all industries and work with both private and public organizations to handle a variety of business and organizational challenges and opportunities.

    Strategy consulting – who needs it and when?

    The most prominent advantage strategy consulting firms bring to the table is focus. While business managers are often busy in leading the organization and dealing with day to day operations, strategy consulting firms are focused entirely on handling the company’s strategic challenges and opportunities. While making sure that all possible solutions have been explored, strategy consulting firms will formulate essential recommendations for sustaining the company while strengthening its positioning in the future.

    For example, a factory that suffers from continuous stagnation as a result of introduction of new technologies and increasing competition, will perhaps consider streamlining processes and activity and selling or closing down less profitable operations.

    At sensitive times, it is recommended for company managers and leaders to use the services of a strategy consulting firm, as they are required to focus on the day to day business activity while make sure that every strategic decision they take, was taken in an informed manner.

    Strategy consulting process is a refreshing mindset for managers, as during a focused process of 3-6 months, the organization will be exposed to a variety of solutions, taken from different disciplines, which they would not have been otherwise considered, even though their impact over the organization is significant. Furthermore, strategy consulting process emphasizes combinatorial thinking that allows organizations to apply innovation into problem solving. Thus, with the support of strategy consulting firm, organizations are able to find unexpected solutions that will enable the company’s development to the desired directions.

    In case your company is facing a significant business challenge that creates an uncertain future, the next step you should take is contacting a strategy consulting firm. Strategy consulting firms will help you clarify uncertainties and will provide you with the tools to lead the company forward into the realization of the company potential.

    The expertise of Head-On in the strategy consulting field

    At Head-On, we specialize in forming, designing and implementing business and corporate strategies, with an emphasis on growth strategies intended to enhance the corporate value. Our team of experts will form, together with you, a unique business strategy that will help to differentiate the company, with a set of coherent business goals, a clear growth paths and a detailed plan for the execution.

    Quick read

    Consulting firms in Israel

    Over the last several years, due to the rise in competition, introduction of new technologies, changes in the business environment and the growing demand for expertise and skills that are not available, many companies have approached consulting firms in Israel and requested their services. In parallel, we are witnessing many events where, after hiring a consulting firm, companies are left with impractical researches and unused theoretical strategic plans. Assuming that you conducted a professional selection process that includes reviewing the consulting firm work methodology, there is no reason why such an absurd situation should occur. In the following article, Head-On will provide you a better understanding of the role of a consulting firm in Israel and some insight that will help you better utilize the unique capabilities such a firm may offer.

    Common factors in ineffective engagement with consulting firms in Israel

    Consulting firms in Israel operate in a complete correlation with other various professionals and employ a qualified workforce. Consulting firms usually specialize in different markets and sectors such as industry, hi-tech, biotech, services, financial institutes, agriculture, defense, government and more. Moreover, consulting firms specializes in different processes and disciplines such as business strategy, operation, business development, marketing and sales, human resources, technology, mergers and acquisitions and more. These different specializations are offered to companies in order to help decision makers handle business challenges and from objective and professional point of view.

    The typical consulting process can be divide into three stages: analyzing stage – during this initial stage, the consulting firm analyzes the market and the operation of the company and diagnoses the company’s challenges and opportunities; Strategy formulating stage – based on the initial stage, the consulting firm, together with the leaders and managers of the company, prepare strategic recommendations as well as business and operative plans; implementation stage – this is the most crucial stage, where the consulting firm helps the company with the execution of the recommendations and measure its effectiveness.

    It is the combination of the three stages that create the full value of the consulting process to the company. Any partial work will lead to partial results.

    Important factors for effective work

    Mandate scope and goals

    Consulting firms, mainly those with rich experience, hold the knowledge and experience regarding wide range of business challenges and their possible solutions, familiar with the local and global markets and provide an objective perspective regarding managemental and organizational issues. Contacting a consulting firm in order to perform a single activity, such as market research, might lead to insufficient results for the company. Without involving the consulting firm in the broader aspects of the business challenge, the company will miss the full value that consulting firms can provide.

    Commitment to execution

    Consulting firms do their best to make sure that the relevant stakeholders are involved and that the recommendations are practical and match the company’s execution capabilities. Nevertheless, considering cultural and human factors such as organizational politics and insufficient resources for implementation, sometimes necessary changes are will not implemented.

    If you have decided to contract a consulting firm, you should inform all the relevant stakeholders in your organization, get the executives and other employees involved in the process and explain the rationale behind this engagement. Sometimes, employees and managers might feel threatened by a foreign entity that is ‘testing’ their performance. As a result, they might distort reality or not cooperate thus, damage the quality of the process. Preparation will reduce the chance for opposition and will allow a successful cooperation in the future.

    Strike while the iron is hot, changes happens by doing. By the end of the consulting process, you will have practical initiatives that can be implemented immediately. Postponing the implementation might result in a negative psychological effect and the process may perceived as a waste of time – especially among those who were involved in the process. In order to proceed effectively to the implementation stage, you should pre-approve a budget that will allow, with the support of the consulting firm, immediate implementation of the recommendations. This step will provide significant value for the organization, will be visible in the near future as well as propel the following steps of the implementation process.

    Determining usage of new management tools and know how  

    In many cases, consulting firms will provide their clients with tools that will be valuable for the long run. Namely, the consulting firm will support handling short term challenges while creating the foundation for proper handling future challenges by implementing effective methods, tools and methodologies.

    However, many managers and employees incline to return to old work/thinking patterns, the same patterns that ultimately created the challenges with which the company confronted prior to the consulting process. An effective solution to this phenomenon will be defining a leading manager as change leader / champion, responsible to oversee that the organization is implementing changes and cope with new challenges by using tolls and methods taught by the consulting firm.

    Strategy consulting – What is it?

    What is strategy consulting? With the help and guidance of experts, organizations will be able to take high-level decisions – as well as commit to them in the long haul. In other words, and by identifying the company’s vision and its core values, determining the customers of the organization as well as creating a detailed plan to execute the strategy – the positive outcomes will shortly arrive. If you are interested in these services, then you are more than welcome to contact Head-On. This veteran company specializes in strategy, marketing and business consulting.

    Asking for strategy consulting

    Many organizations, large and small, aspire to reach great success. Many roads lead to large-scale achievements, but until then – a strategic plan ought to be made. What does a strategic plan mean? Moreover, how do we construct a proper strategy for our organization?  Whether you work at commerce, hi-tech or at other fields – in order to reach your goals and attain revenues, boundaries should be set and methodology ought to be conceived.

    Does your brand attracts new customers? Does your organization is in need for new employees? Are you familiar with the competing companies in your line of work? At this stage, to receive the proper response and create a unique business path, you should ask for strategy consulting.

    Throughout the process of consultation, the professional advisers will objectively guide you: from problem definition, data gathering and analysis to advice and implementation – it will lead you and your organization to the correct path.

    Contact the strategy consulting professionals

    Does your organization is in need of strategy consulting? Are you looking for professionals in this field that provide flexible work hours and hold analytical skills? Contact Head-On today.

    Consulting firms in israel – find the best

    Are you looking for consulting firms in israel? Rightfully so! Throughout the past several years, many organizations seek out the help of the experts. From taking the next business step, reorganizing the current state of the company and more – strategy consulting undoubtedly provides the adequate answer. To learn more about this service, contact Head On. This company offers consulting services for corporations – as well as marketing strategy, business development and more.

    Searching for consulting firms in israel

    In the business world today, many organizations search for advantages over their competitors; a leverage that will secure them a financial stability as well as success in the following years. However, many enterprises face a challenging reality; a day-to-day where they struggle to assert a cohesive plan – and carry it out.

    However, in order to amend the current state of affairs, we advise you to ask for a strategy consulting. We should note the following: looking for one firm out of the many consulting firms in israel should not be a challenge. In fact, several steps should help you throughout your search:

    • First, the members of the consulting firm should hold the proper training and experience in this line of field.
    • Moreover, these professionals should offer flexible hours as well as listen intently to every single question.

    These important points and many others should make it clear – and refer you to the most skilled firm in Israel.

    Skilled and experienced consulting firms in israel

    Cooperating with the most qualified, skilled consulting firm in the country will provide you the best results. If you are interested in skilled advisers and in need for a proper marketing and corporate strategy, contact Head On.

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