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    About Us

    Head-on Vision – To create and lead together with our customers, growth and improvement processes that will increase the value of the company over time.

    Head-on metrics – professionalism, customer focus, initiative and creativity.

    Head-On is a strategic consulting firm specializing in business growth and company value enhancement. Since the early 2000s, we have accompanied company owners and executives from a variety of industries in addressing the most complex challenges of running a company and leading it to business growth. Our expertise in formulating growth strategies, accompanying implementation in action, leading business development processes, creating strategic partnerships and leading mergers and acquisitions processes, has helped hundreds of companies grow and leverage business potential in the local and international arena.

    Our unique concept of work is the key element of the long-standing relationships we have with our clients. As enterprising, objective and experienced partners, we help our clients see the full picture, analyze in depth the options, make strategic decisions and take action. Each of our clients is accompanied by a team of consultants whose composition is determined according to the needs of the project. This team works for a relatively short period of time to study the organization, recognize the competitive environment, challenges, identify possible directions of action, and formulate the required response.

    Alongside the head-on is the sister company BCMS Israel, the local representative of the world’s leading consulting company in locating buyers and strategic partners. The unique capabilities of Head-On and BCMS create a comprehensive response for our clients. In a process that is based on a history of successes, we formulate the strategy to improve the value of the company and make it attractive and subsequently lead the process of selling or joining a strategic partner.

    Our Team

    Hilit Ben-Zvi Koren

    Co-CEO and founder of the company

    Doron Efrati

    Co-CEO and founder of the company

    Ella Vagner

    Office Manager

    Shay Mish

    Leading senior transactions

    Guy Meser

    Senior management consultant

    Liron Bar

    Management consultant

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