In order to ensure growth and the ability to cope firmly with the ever-changing business environment, companies in all industries must invest resources in initiating and implementing processes that will lead to business growth and increase the company’s value, in the mid and long term.

Business development processes include:

  • Mapping of the potential growth opportunities
  • Examining the feasibility of new projects, investments, and ventures
  • Building business models and preparing business plans
  • Establishing collaborations with strategic partners in Israel and abroad

Developing the operations into international markets is a significant growth step for many organizations. Advanced strategic concepts favor strategic collaborations and long-term joint ventures between companies, replacing traditional export-import relationships. Head-On has an extensive network of contacts throughout the world, with emphasis on North America, Europe, and the Far East, which with the assistance of our local partners, allows us easy access to markets.

International Business development processes include:

  • Mapping target markets for international business development
  • Formulating a desired operating concept, independently or through strategic collaborations or joint ventures with local partners
  • Identifying new suppliers, new customers, strategic technological and/or marketing partners in target markets
  • Addressing, leading, and accompanying the negotiation process with stakeholders abroad
  • Preparing action and business plans for the implementation of the desired operation concept
  • Supporting execution of such plans, while assisting in bridging gaps that might arise due to cultural differences.

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