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Head-On is a strategic consulting firm specializing in business growth and corporate value enhancement. For more than two decades, we have been helping decision makers and executives in the Israeli economy to address the company's key business challenges, conducting in-depth analysis of the situation and possibilities, identifying and exploring alternatives for resolution, formulating growth strategy, and supporting actual implementation.

Our Specialties

Growth strategies

Leading a company towards growth is one of the key challenges that business leaders and their management team are facing. Questions such as what the growth potential is, what are the optional growth paths, what are the right growth engines and whether the timing is right are essential questions that...

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Business development and strategic partnerships

In order to maintain constant growth as well as a strong ability to cope with unforeseen emerging challenges, every company must invest the sufficient resources in initiating and realizing opportunities that will generate growth and will increase the company's value over time. Stagnation, narrow product portfolio, difficulty to establish new...

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

When done professionally, a successful Merger and Acquisition process helps companies to increase market share, expand products and services portfolio, gain new capabilities and technologies, establish new revenue channels and eventually generate growth. However, M&A is a complex process, which requires professional management skills, knowledge, and experience.   Over the years, Head-On...

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BCMS is one of the world's leading Mergers and Acquisitions companies, specializing in advising deal leading and closely accompanying company owners who want to sell their company or to partner with a strategic partner. Founded in 1989, BCMS has completed over 1,300 transactions worldwide, while developing knowledge, experience and tools...

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Why us

Extensive experience and deep knowledge of the Israeli and international markets

Using proven methodologies in hundreds of successful projects

Focus on creating business growth and enhancing corporate value

Work to implement and achieve results in the short and long term

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Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting is a practice that typically serves senior management in organizations, helping them to take objectively high-level decisions that are based on in-depth professional...

Management Consultant

 We require an experienced management consultant in consulting and implementation projects with clients. The work involves travel and great mobility, living in the central area. Requirements: Professional...

Customers Recommend

Yariv Matzliach ,CEO , Dip-Tech

During my tenure as the CEO of Dip-Tech, Head-On led our strategic planning process and was a full partner throughout the execution and implementation stages. The strategic process led by Head-On, effectively narrowed and focused the alternatives into a clear growth strategy based on well-defined and achievable goals

Yossi Mazaltrim, Head of NF Division, Shufersal

Head-On consultants presented an exceptional capability to learn the market, understand our needs and provide relevant, actionable recommendations in a very short period, while, creating commitment to the project among relevant stakeholders with a positive and productive approach.

Akiva Falk, Chairman of the board, Tefen and Rahan Meristem

At recent years, Head-On led two major strategic plans in companies I’m leading. The experts team composed of strategic, financial and marketing consultants, led the strategic planning professionally while creating high engagement among all employees in diagnosing, formulating the recommendations and executing the plan. Head-on’s methodology has proven itself as efficient, fast, and highly practical. Head-On excel in its ability to execute the strategy and accompany the management and employees in implementing the strategy over time and with great success.

Arik Tal, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent Israel

Following a long process of considering the right partner to plan and execute a strategy for our company, we had the honor to work with Head-On. The team analyzed professionally every aspect of our operations and led in-depth strategic discussions that allowed us to understand all possible alternatives and opt for the strategy and tactics that proved their effectiveness quickly.

Dani Shimoni, CEO, Hertz Israel

Head-On successfully led a strategic planning and strategy execution processes in our company, doing so while creating strong engagement within the management. Head-On’s consultant commitment to the success of the process, their professionality, and their ability to lead the project and the management team, has been a significant driver to our growth and development in recent years.

Yaheli Atir, CEO, Einat Food Industries

Head-On’s consultants led Einat Food Industries’ strategic planning process and are leading its execution. The team has presented a clear and precise work methodology, a great ability to diagnose and analyze the business environment and building a challenging but achievable work plan. The work was done in collaboration between the company’s board of directors and the management, communicating the process in the company led to an overall commitment for achieving the plan’s goals and schedule.

Shahar Turgeman, CEO, Hever Consumers Club

Head-On prominent characteristic are professionalism and great service approach, the company uses a clear methodology and has the ability lead an organization to formulate a strong strategy and execute it while maintaining collaborative work between management and employees.

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